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Date: 3. – 7. Juli 2017
Ort: Bremen
The research cluster LogDynamics organises the Summer School LOGISS for the second time. The goal of this summer school is to forge a seed of young researchers from different disciplines, who share the interest in mechanisms for coordination of logistics processes as well as in the cooperation and competitiveness in supply chains. The LOGISS 2017 will focus the topic area of Coopetitive Control of Supply Chains.
The courses of the summer school include among others the following topics:
• negotiation mechanisms for supply chain coordination
• IT-enabled decision making in collaborative distribution networks
• network flow optimization, big data analytics, control theory, and heuristics
• performance criteria for control interfaces and selection of evaluation criteria
The LogDynamics Summer School is designed for PhD and Master students who work on theses at the interface of Logistics, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Economics or related fields. It is encouraged that the applicants have some basic knowledge in modeling, programming, and statistics.
Deadline for application: 4th April 2017
Contact: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pannek, Prof. Dr. Till Becker, Prof. Dr. Tobias Buer

On the occasion of the "Day of Logistics" LogDynamics organizes an event titled "Digital Services in Logistics" on 27th of April 2017. The co-organizers are: the BIBA institute, the association AFSMI, BHV, Chamber of Commerce Bremen, and WFB – Bremen Economic Development Agency.
The event focuses on cooperation between science and economy as well as the transfer of research results in practice. The aim is to show the potential of digitalization and digital services in the logistics with exemplary applications and successful cooperation. A diversified program is offered with lectures, demonstrations of new research results, an exhibition with the involvement of our cooperation partners, and a concluding get-together.
Details and Registration

BIBA offers training course in its Industry 4.0 Expert Factory ‘Autonomous Control in Production and Logistics’, 24th – 25th of April 2017

In the scope of the “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum ‘Mit uns digital! Das Zentrum für Niedersachsen und Bremen’“ (Industry 4.0 competence centre for small and medium-sized enterprises), BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik develops an expert factory for ‘autonomous control in production and logistics’. Here, demonstrators, dialogues and two day training courses on digital production and logistics are offered (free of charge) to small and medium-sized companies. The training courses shall qualify specialists and executives regarding the future concept Industry 4.0 and support cyber-physical systems in the respective company. Three core topics in the context of Industry 4.0 are covered: mobile technologies and smart products, efficient planning and control of logistic processes and technical systems as well as adaptive systems for a changing environment. The next training courses will be held at the following dates: April 24-25, 2017, September 4-5, 2017, and November 20-21, 2017.
‘Mit uns digital! Das Zentrum für Niedersachsen und Bremen’ is coordinated by the Hannover Centre for Production Technology and has started at the beginning of 2016 as the first „Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum” in Germany.
Contact: Michael Teucke


RFID tomorrow 2016 - Congress & Exhibition

19th - 20th of September 2016, Düsseldorf
Already for the sixth time, the international RFID journal "RFID im Blick" invites to the two-day specialist congress in Düsseldorf. RFID tomorrow is the meeting point for hardware experts, system integration specialists and technology experts as well as decision makers of companies from almost every economic sector. Everybody, who wants to develop the future using RFID technology processes, is invited to exchange ideas in a dynamic atmosphere and to make valuable contacts. In 2016, the proven concept of RFID tomorrow consisting of Developer Day and User Day will not only be maintained in its core concept, but also expanded and developed.
Once again this year, the Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik (BIBA) participates in the supporting exhibition. We present advisory services and training opportunities concerning Industry 4.0 in production and logistics.
International RFID Congress 2016

33rd International Supply Chain Conference - Driving Change

19th – 21st of October, 2016, Berlin
A basic and underlying thought of the International Supply Chain Conference is to spread logistic knowledge between experts with corresponding publicity work and for a wider range of people as well. From the start, the congress has been intended to be a decisive platform for contacts and businesses. No other event in Germany makes the 'logistics market' more concrete than the International Supply Chain Conference. Since 1985 it is held in conjunction with a special exhibition. During all the years, the number of booths increased tenfold from 20 to recently 200. Additionally, there is a wide range of meetings and company meetings. Today, the International Supply Chain Conference is the most important annual logistics event in Europe. It has turned out to be a central meeting point of German economy. But also more foreign guests take part every year to profit from knowledge exchange and concentrated communication possibilities.
The LogDynamics Research Cluster and the BIBA will be represented at a booth at the 33rd International Supply Chain Conference again this year. We cordially invite all congress participants, who are interested in innovative solutions for logistics, to visit our booth. The focus of this year's presence will be set on technologies for the realization of Industry 4.0.

Calls for Papers LDIC 2016 and IFAC MCPL 2016

The calls for papers for the 5th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2016) as well as for the 7th IFAC Conference on Management and Control of Production and Logistics (MCPL 2016) have been published. The conferences will be held jointly from 22 – 26 of February 2016 in Bremen; they are both organized by the LogDynamics Research Cluster. The common deadline for the submission of papers expires on 25 of October 2015.
Call for Papers LDIC 2016
Call for Papers IFAC MCPL 2016

32nd German Logistics Congress

28th – 30th October 2015, Berlin
Themed „A World in Motion” the 32nd German Logistics Congress will be held from 28th to 30th of October 2015 in Berlin. The BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik will be represented with a booth at the accompanying exhibition – again jointly with VIA BREMEN. We cordially invite all congress participants, who are interested in innovative solutions for logistics, to visit us at booth 5 in the Pavilion (PV/05). The focus of this year's presence will be set on technologies for the realization of Industry 4.0.

RFID tomorrow 2015 - Congress & Exhibition

28th – 29th September 2015, Düsseldorf
Already for the fifth time in a row the trade magazine „RFID im Blick“ invites users, technology providers and all interested persons, who want to change RFID technology processes in the future, to the two-day trade congress in Düsseldorf. For the first time in 2015 five specialist fora with 8 to 10 lectures each will be offered. Topics are technology, industrial automation, logistics, maintenance, solutions in the field of access and safety as well as trade logistics and medicine.
Once again, BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik participates in the accompanying exhibition. The focus of this year’s presence is the topic „intelligent load carrier management“. In the presented project LaMa intelligent telematics and sensor solutions enable the monitoring of logistic objects in real-time. An increasing relevance of real-time management arises especially for high-quality and perishable goods. The concept of the „adaptable telematics“ can increase transparency in logistic processes.

Pushing the Boundaries of Manufacturing with Innovative Design and Materials

3rd Innomatnet Workshop on Materials and Innovation on 11th of April 2013 at the Hannover Messe
Manufacturing has undergone numerous changes that have been enabled by new technologies, different materials, and/or innovative product design. Building upon this relationship, this workshop will provide a forum to connect and inform people, to depict new trends, and to take a different view on manufacturing processes. The event will include a series of short presentations by experts from academia and industry, and the dissemination of existing tools to promote the innovation process. This workshop is part of an event series organized by the consortium of InnoMatNet (, a project funded by the European Commission. With the idea of bringing specialists from materials laboratories and innovation actors in various industrial sectors together, InnoMatNet aims to establish inter-disciplinary connections towards a successful innovation society.

“Robotics in logistics” the status quo

Intuitive robotic programming represents a possible precursor to increasing applications of robotic solutions within the field of logistics. This is an insight from RoboScan’12, a market analysis conducted by the BIBA in co-operation with ISEIC Pfeffermann Consulting.
The brief report is viewable for free online, downloadable or can be mail ordered via Fax-Form. A more extensive study report „RoboScan’12 – Studienergebnisse der Onlinebefragung zum Markt der Robotik-Logistik“ can be mail ordered via Fax-Form or Email.
[Brief report online]
[Brief Report as PDF]
[Fax-Form as PDF]

New Technologies for Efficient Global Logistic Networks

From March until July the new online survey “RoboScan’12” – sponsored by Kieserling Stiftung ( – will be conducted to provide new findings for research and development of new technologies for more efficient global logistics networks. The main fields of interest cover: automation in logistics; robot technologies in logistics processes; intuitive teaching/programming devices; and future directions.
The four main target groups involve logistic companies, technology suppliers and integrators, consulting companies, and research institutions. Each participant will receive a study report and main findings will be presented at the 29th BVL Congress in Berlin:
• Status quo in automation and robotic logistics
• Innovation and research agenda “automation in logistics”
• Areas for improvement in robotic logistics
RoboScan’12 will be conducted by scientists at BIBA at the University of Bremen in collaboration with NP Pfeffermann Consulting (
Your contact
Contact “RoboScan’12”: Ms. Ann-Kathrin Pallasch
Contact “intuitive teaching/programming devices”: Mr. Moritz Rohde
You will find additional information and updates on, and on our knowledge platform

BIBA Anniversary Event “Process Innovation through Technology and Organisation”
In 2011 the BIBA celebrates its 30th anniversary. On this occasion a special event themed “Process Innovation through Technology and Organisation” will take place on 9th of September 2011 in BIBA. Beginning from 3 p.m. there will be an interesting and varied programme. Well-known representatives from politics, science and the economy will give talks considering the motto of the event from several perspectives. The demonstrations of innovative technologies will highlight the scientific emphases of the BIBA research as well as their practical areas of application. The reception as well as the musical accompaniment of the “Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester” completes the programme.
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Aleksandra Himstedt
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-50106


Date: : 19.-23. April 2010
Location: Hannover - Fair

The main topics of the HANNOVER MESSE 2010 are industrial automation, energy technology, industrial supply and services as well as future technologies. Partner country of the HANNOVER MESSE 2010 is Italy.
BIBA presents the “Roboterzelle Light”, the project “RoboCon” and the “DrugRob” at the Hannover Messe!
In Hannover, this year BIBA will exhibit in the Bremen stand (Hall 17, stand D32) and together with the company Götting (hall 14, stand K06). Along with information about the institute, the department “Logistikfabrik” of the BIBA institute will present three projects.
More details ...

BVL Logistics Day
Industry and Academia from Bremen Present Innovative Logistic Solutions

Date: 15th of April 2010, 3 – 6 p.m.
Location: BIBA, Bremen

On the occasion of the ”Logistics Day” the BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH organises in cooperation with its industrial partners: Beluga Shipping GmbH, BLG Logistics Group AG & Co. KG, EUROGATE GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG, OHB Teledata GmbH und ThyssenKrupp Krause GmbH on 15th of April 2010 an event „Industry and Academia from Bremen Present Innovative Logistic Solutions“.
The event focuses collaboration between science and industry and in particular the transfer of the research results into practise. It is aimed at highlighting numerous innovation potentials for the logistics sector by means of exemplary applications and successful collaborations with the industrial partners of BIBA. There will be a varied programme with presentations and demonstrations; the subsequent get-together offers a platform for constructive discussions.
More details:
We would be glad to welcome you on the Logistics Day and ask for registering by 12th of April 2010 by sending an email to